Steph McGovern shares a big announcement with fans!

It's the start of a new chapter for the former BBC Breakfast presenter

Gemma Strong

Steph McGovern had some big news to share this week. The former BBC Breakfast presenter is launching her very own podcast, titled Not Bad For A Monday, in which listeners will hear Steph and her friends Claire and Geoff discuss the "funny, daft and sometimes annoying things" that happen in the workplace. Announcing the launch of the show on Twitter, 37-year-old Steph said: "Last year I was going to launch a podcast: 'Not Bad for a Monday'. A few Mondays later than I's finally about to be born. Out every Mon from March 2nd on all usual podcast platforms."

Steph McGovern talks about her baby girl

Writing in the comments section, she further explained: "We're tackling some of the funny, strange and sometimes revolting stuff that happens at work. From office shenanigans to factory funnies, shop floor dramas to oil rig oddities. Prepare for toe-curling tales from the daily grind." She later added: "Already some hilarious work stories coming in. Cheers. We'll be sharing them on our podcast soon. Send more to: - work parties, team bonding, dodgy customers, petty arguments, romances...anything that's made you laugh/cringe. All will be kept anonymous."

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It's an exciting time for Steph, who welcomed a baby girl with her girlfriend in November. Earlier this month, she shared a photo of herself on the first day of her new job, joking: "Made it out of the house for my first day of serious work (without baby sick on me). I felt like high fiving people as I walked down the street (I say walked, I mean stumbled... not quite got used to being in heels again!) #parentachievements."

It came just weeks after Steph bid farewell to her colleagues at BBC Breakfast, with her final appearance taking place on 22 January. She became visibly emotional as she was shown her highlights reel on the morning show, telling her co-hosts: "I didn't mean to cry! It's been brilliant. I love the family here."

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