Lorraine Kelly reveals daughter Rosie has self-isolated after falling ill in Singapore

It comes amid fears about the spread of coronavirus

Lorraine Kelly has revealed that her daughter Rosie has self-isolated after falling ill in Singapore. The TV host spoke about the threat of the coronavirus on her ITV show, and explained that despite Rosie just having "a bit of a cold", her husband Steve had flown over to Asia to be with their only child. Speaking to the show's Dr Hilary Jones, she explained: "My Rosie's got a cold. She's in Singapore, as you know, and she's self-isolating, right now… Steve's going over to see her this morning. And I was saying to Piers [Morgan} earlier on, the airport is empty."


Lorraine Kelly reveals daughter Rosie has self-isolated amid coronavirus threat

Rosie, 24, moved to Singapore two years ago to pursue a career in public relations. It means she doesn't see her parents as often as she might like, but the trio maintain a close relationship. Proud mum Lorraine previously opened up about their bond in an interview with Weekend magazine, saying: We talk about everything under the sun. I'm her mum, though. I'd never say I was her best friend because she's got her friends already. I'd love to think she tells me everything, but she doesn't!"

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The TV star with her husband Steve and Rosie

On the subject of Rosie moving out, Lorraine has kept her daughter's bedroom exactly the same "so that it feels like she will come home any second". Talking to Prima magazine, she said: "She was 21 when she moved to the other side of the world for work and is embracing a new culture in Singapore. She's being an independent woman doing amazing things." The 60-year-old added: "It's hard when children leave home anyway, but luckily her lunch hour is 6am for me so I can FaceTime her while I'm getting my hair done!"

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The doting mum has been surprised by Rosie on a number of occasions during live episodes of Lorraine. In March last year, Rosie sent her mum a sweet video message via a video link, which was shown during a special Mother's Day segment on the daytime show. Fashion guru Mark Heyes introduced the clip to the star, who was left in tears after watching it. Rosie was standing in front of the Singapore skyline in the footage, and told her mum: "Happy Mother's Day all the way from Singapore, I'll see you really soon and we can celebrate properly. I love you, bye!" Lorraine then said: "I love you more, that's so sweet you're going to get me crying again! She looks so beautiful, I miss her so much."