Peter Andre left gobsmacked by unexpected visitor during lockdown - watch

The TV star shared the video on Instagram

Peter Andre could barely contain his surprise on Friday after a neighbour's pet cat strolled into his home. The father-of-four captured the whole thing on Instagram, telling his followers that he was "freaked out". Peter's videos started normally, with him spending time in the family's large garden with his two youngest children, Theo and Amelia. 

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WATCH: Peter Andre left gobsmacked by surprise visitor during lockdown 

The siblings were making a "potion" out of mud and grass, and adorably, little Amelia had even put on a witch's hat for the occasion. Suddenly, a sweet black cat wearing a collar strolled into the outdoor space, prompting the Mysterious Girl singer to ask: "Why has a black cat turned up when we're doing [sic] a potion. That's a bit weird."

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The cat was so sweet! 

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Hilariously, Amelia could then be heard saying: "That's our black cat," to which Peter responded: "I don't have a black cat." But Amelia insisted that her dad pretend the pet belongs to the family, quipping: "Daddy just pretend it's ours." But doting dad Peter was having none of it, telling his daughter: "I can't pretend it's ours, I don’t know whose cat that is. Whose is it?" It's then that Amelia then added: "It's mine because I'm a witch and I have a black cat."

Once more, the TV star reiterated how creeped out he was, and could be heard saying: "Ok. This is just a little bit freaky." Then, before Peter knows it, the cat has run into the house! Amelia tells her dad: "It's in the living room," prompting the singer to ask: "The cat's in the living room?"

Peter then ran towards the house with the camera, telling his followers: "He better get out of my living room." However, as Peter searched his stylish kitchen and living area, the cat was nowhere to be seen, and Peter could be heard getting playfully frustrated, saying: "Right, listen, where's this cat?" Finally, the cat was found hiding under a kitchen chair, and Peter zoomed in on the sweet feline, confirming: "There he is." What a ride! 

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