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James Jordan reveals fear and anxiety after dad suffers third stroke

The Dancing on Ice star's dad is in hospital

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James Jordan has revealed he has been gripped with anxiety over not being able to communicate his dad Alan, who has been hospitalised following his third stroke on Friday. Taking to his Twitter page on Monday, the former Strictly Come Dancing star asked his followers how he could contact medical staff for an update as he and his mum are "struggling with anxiety". He tweeted: "NEED SOME HELP! Unfortunately, my dad suffered another stroke and was emitted to MAIDSTONE HOSPITAL on Friday. I am aware the staff are very busy and consultants don't work weekends but could someone please call my mum with an update because she is going out of her mind #please."

james jordan dad mum© Photo: Instagram

James Jordan's dad Alan is back in hospital

Urging for an update, James added: "My dad is unable to communicate or understand anything so can't call us himself and my mum has been trying to talk to a doctor since Friday. I now worry for my mum's mental health and the rest of my family are struggling with anxiety including myself. Please call us."

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James did, however, note how stretched NHS staff are at the moment amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. "I understand this is very difficult times for everyone and that the NHS are doing a brilliant job," he added. "However, because family can’t be with their loved ones in hospital they should be giving regular updates to families who are struggling at home with insane worry and anxiety. Please."

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A short while after he sent his tweets, James told his followers that he heard back from the hospital. "They have now called," he stated. "Unfortunately my dad has gone downhill possibly because no testing is done over the weekend. Hopefully sending him for a scan today to see what's going on. Please say another prayer for my dad as it seemed to work last time. I hope you are all safe."

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Since welcoming his baby daughter Ella with wife Ola in February, James' dad has suffered three strokes and has now been hospitalised on three separate occasions. Shortly after his second stroke last month, Alan tested positive for COVID-19 and was diagnosed with cellulitis, which is a painful bacterial skin infection.

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James and Ola recently welcomed their first child

In one of his HELLO! columns, James recently said he was staying positive for his father. "He's not great. I'm staying positive because I know what he's like, he's a fighter," the pro dancer said. "When he talks to you he knows [he's not well], he says, 'I know I'm not right.' I can tell he's fighting. He's doing all the right things but there's only so much you can do because they found another bleed on his brain, and then he got quite a bad infection on his arm from his cannula so they put him on antibiotics. But even when I speak to him he says, 'Oh I'm okay, I'll be fine.' He's actually more concerned about my mum, my sister and me than he is for himself."

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