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Ben Shephard asks Good Morning Britain for help ahead of son Sam's fifteenth birthday on Monday

The presenter told Charlotte Hawkins he had no idea how to make the day special

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Ben Shephard has revealed he and his family will be marking his son Sam's fifteenth birthday on Monday, but has no idea how to celebrate the big day during lockdown.

Talking to Good Morning Britain co-presenter Charlotte Hawkins, who celebrated her 45th birthday last weekend, the father-of-two said: "I can't believe he is 15 on Monday, he is six foot two, he is enormous. But like you say, it's trying to find a way to make it special, because you don't want those days…and all the days are merging into one, so you've to try to take those opportunities to try and make it special."

WATCH: Ben Shephard asks GMB viewers for help ahead of son's birthday

Charlotte, who returned to Good Morning Britain this week after several weeks off, said: "Yeah, you know, it is a tough time for everybody and there are lots of different challenges aren't there. But if you can look back and say, 'You know what, I made the most of that time or I did something special on that day,' it's about making those memories, it isn't necessarily going out and doing something, is it?"

ben shephard wife annie sons© Photo: Instagram

Ben pictures with wife Annie and their two sons

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Asking viewers for help, Ben added: "Send me some advice because we're trying to come up with interesting things we can do for Sam, maybe you've done some fun things for your kids while they've been going through lockdown to celebrate their birthdays and get in touch with us at GMTV or you can tweet us of course."

ben shephard wife annie© Photo: Instagram

Ben and Annie recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary

"GM.TV?" asked Charlotte, noting his mistake. "Oh, yeah, good old days," said Ben, realising what he had just said. "A little bit of nostalgia," he added.

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Ben is self-isolating with wife Anne and his sons Jack and Sam in their London home, which he regularly gives glimpses of on his Instagram. Recently, the 45-year-old gave a very honest account about his time in lockdown with his family. Claiming he feels a "sense of guilt" for relishing every moment he is having with his loved ones, Ben said on BBC Radio 5 Live: "In amongst this horrific virus that is ripping families apart, when it all started in the first few weeks there was a sense of guilt because there was a special moment when you thought, 'how often do we get to have everybody at home, there's an easing of pressure with work commitments, the weather is lovely.'"

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