Gordon Ramsay welcomes new family member!

The Ramsay household has grown again

Gordon Ramsay has welcomed a new member to his family, just 13 months after the arrival of his fifth child Oscar. The celebrity chef now has an adorable new pet pooch, fittingly named Truffle! Gordon shared a sweet image on his Instagram Stories on Wednesday of the bulldog resting after an apparent hard day at his new Cornwall abode. Truffle actually belongs to Gordon's daughter Holly, which she made perfectly clear when the pup was first introduced in one of his ten-minute cooking videos on Instagram in May.

How cute is Truffle?

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"Oh my goodness me, Holly what is that?" he asked his daughter as she lovingly cradled her new puppy. "This is Truffle!" she responded. "Hols, like we need another dog, that's our seventh dog," Gordon stated, before Holly snapped back: "He's mine, not yours!" Truffle joins Gordon's other beloved dogs Peanut, Bruno and Carlos.

In April, the 53-year-old revealed his three dogs were too lazy to go out for a walk. Posting to Instagram, the Michelin starred chef shared a hilarious video of the moment that he tried – unsuccessfully – to coax them off the couch and join him on a walk in the beautiful Cornish countryside, but they weren't having any of it.

Holly Ramsay actually welcomed the pooch in May

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At first, Gordon pointed the camera at Peanut, who was curled up on the sofa. The father-of-five said: "Excuse me, it's time for [a walk]. Peanut, don't close those eyes. Open them. Let's go. Lead, walk, done." Next, he panned the camera to cocker spaniel Bruno, who was also curled up in the middle of the sofa. "Bruno, for god's sake man it's time for a walk," grumbled Gordon. "Dogs don't have to be in lockdown. Bruno, walkies, let's go."

Finally, Gordon moved the camera even further along the large sofa, landing on Carlos. The Hell's Kitchen star then said: "Carlos. Oh for god's sake. Do I have to walk on my own again? Carlos! Hey! Oh my lord. What wrong with you today? And you. And you. Really? Sod it."

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