This Morning's Eamonn Holmes fears he only has four more years to live

The presenter's father died at the age of 64 from a heart attack

Andrea Caamano

This Morning's Eamonn Holmes has revealed he fears he could be dead in just four years' time, after recounting how his father Leonard died of a heart attack at the age of 64.

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Speaking on The Journey with Pete Snodden podcast, the presenter, 60, said: "Lockdown has been really interesting because I've been really busy. Whether it's doing something like this or various podcasts, some programmes are even transmitted from our house and we still work on This Morning, it has to be said.

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"But I do think about "pretirement", not retirement, "pretirement". You know… winding down, doing less, living more. You know, my father was dead at 64. He died of a heart attack. And I sort of think to myself, that gives me four years. Ruth says, 'Don’t talk like that,' but you do think like that."


Ruth and Eamonn have a son together, Jack

During the candid chat, the This Morning star also opened up his wife Ruth, revealing that she is her happiest when at home cleaning.

"Ruth doesn't talk work. Ruth, as we speak, has got her hair bunched up, she is mopping the floor in the kitchen, she loves being domestic and I've never seen anyone with the energy she has. She is always designing clothes for QVC. That seems to be her passion, this fashion designing that she has been doing for three years. We're different sort of people."

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The father-of-four added: "She's nobody's pushover, she is the boss in our relationship."

Asked how he takes it when Ruth criticises him, Eamonn confessed: "She always criticises me. So I usually just say 'oh, give it a rest,' you know. She will say she reigns me back and I will say that I encourage her to be more free.


Eamonn revealed wife Ruth is a domestic goddess

"But there is no doubt about it, we don't rehearse anything. If we have a humour... I am very thankful that most people in Northern Ireland get the banter and Ruth enjoys the banter."

He added: "Ruth is not the sort of person that would want to make TV her be all and end all of her life. She is much more happy being at home, she is a complete domestic goddess. She loves being a mother, she loves walking the dog...

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"I have so much admiration for her but we are different people, which just happen to be married and presenting together," he said as he laughed.

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