Eamonn Holmes shares loving photo of Ruth Langsford following Gogglebox row

He shared a picture taken in the couple's Surrey home

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Eamonn Holmes is ready to put his recent dispute with Celebrity Gogglebox behind him. The This Morning presenter returned to Instagram on Sunday to share a snapshot of his wife Ruth Langsford with their beloved dog, Maggie. The photo shows Ruth on the sofa in the living room of the couple’s Surrey home, with Maggie climbing up to lick her face. "Love is…." Eamonn, 60, captioned the image. Ruth was quick to comment, saying: "She definitely loves me most!!" "Until I feed her... that's when I love you most too ... when u feed me!" Eamonn quipped back.


Eamonn took to Instagram to share a photo of Ruth and Maggie

It comes after Eamonn was left "hurt beyond belief" following an "idiotic and cruel edit" on Celebrity Gogglebox. The TV star was seen joking about Ruth's contractions immediately following an emotional clip from BBC's Ambulance, in which a man suffered a heart attack in front of his ten-year-old son, who had to perform CPR on him whilst he lay lifeless on the floor.

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"In reply to a number of complaints… I am hurt beyond belief that @C4Goggleboxn chose not to use me talking about my father dying from a heart attack at the side of a road and replace it with a funny story following a young lad giving his father CPR. Idiotic and cruel edit," Eamonn tweeted after the show aired.

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"So following a tragedy that has forever haunted my family, I am in no mood for criticising holier than thou mouthpieces on here who haven't gone through what we did. I had nothing but praise and emotion for the ambulance control room TV programme. An atrocious edit @StudioLambert."

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Eamonn, 60, later added: "How my father died was a particularly horrible experience for my mother, my younger brother and his friend who were all in the car. The resuscitation in The BBC Ambulance programme was as close as could be to my dad's passing. Yet I am the one edited to make it look like a laugh."


Eamonn was hurt by Celebrity Gogglebox's "cruel edit"

The presenter also took a moment to thank his followers, who were sending him messages of encouragement: "Thank you everyone for seeing what happened tonight. Just awful that it did and that I have had to explain. Anyone who works in the ambulance service or who has experienced the impact of sudden death will understand. I now need to put my phone down. Goodnight."

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The show has since apologised to Eamonn

The show later released a statement of apology, which Eamonn shared on his Instagram page. It read: "We have apologised to Eamonn over what happened in this week's episode. We understand and respect Eamonn's feelings on such a deeply personal story. We have taken the decision to edit the episode for future repeats and All4. We look forward to working with Eamonn and Ruth for the rest of the series."

Eamonn captioned the post: "After last night's clumsy edit which led to a huge amount of distress and outrage to viewers, myself and my family… Thank you @c4gogglebox. We move on and look forward to making fun TV."

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