This Morning's Martin Lewis latest venture shocks wife Lara Lewington – 'this is embarrassing'

The money expert joined Instagram on Monday

Andrea Caamano

Martin Lewis finally caved on Monday morning and joined Instagram. Announcing the surprising news on his Twitter, which has over one million followers, the money expert wrote: "I've taken the plunge... and joined Instagram... no idea what I'll put on there. And currently have NO FOLLOWERS, so if you'd like to join me, here's the page:"

Obviously, the presenter's loyal fans listened and within a few hours Martin had more than 13,000 followers. The star was no doubt ecstatic, as he later revealed.

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Martin Lewis received more Instagram followers than his wife is less than two hours

"Thank you, I'm very grateful. I started my instagram account earlier today, and asked if any of you wanted to follow, and in just a few hours I now have 10,000+ followers. Now just to work out what to put there!" he happily tweeted.

Someone who was not very happy, however, was his wife of 10 years, Lara Lewington. The 41-year-old BBC presenter shared her shock and disbelief as her husband got more followers than her in less than two hours. "WHAT?! My husband overtook my followers in 1hr 20 mins of opening account. This is embarrassing. Followers welcome:," she cheekily wrote.


The money expert has asked his followers what type of content they want to see

Lara, whom Martin married back in 2009, has had her account for some time, and shares work-related pictures as well as some personal ones. Most recently, she shared a glimpse of the delicious meal she had prepared for her husband and daughter – a vegan BBQ. Back in May she shared a snap taken in Richmond Park, which she visited with her mum whilst keeping the obligatory 2 metres distance.

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Whilst Martin regularly tweets and has clearly mastered the microblogging service, it seems he still has a long way to go with his new social media account. When a friend suggested he should upload his short financial videos to the IGTV section, he hilarious replied: "Currently that is gobbledygook to me, but I'm sure I'll get there :)."

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