Saira Khan celebrates her "strong" body with powerful lingerie photo

The Loose Women star looks flawless!

Sharnaz Shahid

Saira Khan has surprised her followers after showing off her stunning physique in some white lacy lingerie in a bid to encourage her fans to embrace their body with confidence.

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The striking Instagram post comes shortly after the Loose Women panellist opened up about her mental health struggle following her summer vacation.

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WATCH: Saira Khan stuns fans with bikini body

"We inhale and exhale, our tummy goes in and it comes out - that’s how we breathe, that's how we stay alive," she wrote. "My tummy is not flat. It is rounded and when I eat, it gets full and gets rounder still. This is totally and utterly normal. If I did not eat - my tummy would be flat.

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"I love my food, I need it to survive and for my brain, cells, organs, muscles etc to function properly, and for my hair, skin and nails to look and feel healthy. If I am posing, (which I do a lot, because I'm a bit of a poser) I hold my tummy in, to give me a more toned look and shape."


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The Loose Women star shared this lovely post

Warning her followers that a six-pack is not always a "sign of a healthy body," she added: "Some people have gone to extremes to get one. Sometimes they have to virtually starve – that's not healthy. But a strong core, that allows me to live my life with quality and able to the things I want to do, is why I work it. A strong core also gives me confidence and comfort in my clothes."

She added: "Looking at someone else’s core and comparing it to yours, is an exercise that is pointless - look, admire respect and then work yours."

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The 50-year-old star's followers were quick to heap praise on her candid post, with one writing: "Looking fabulous lovely, I'm trying to get my body back in try with the big 50 looming next year. Thank you for the inspiration you give us all. Have a great day." Another remarked: "You are so beautiful Saira and you have a gorgeous figure."

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