Today's Savannah Guthrie shares incredibly relatable parenting struggle

The presenter is a doting mother to two children

Today's Savannah Guthrie is a doting mother to two children, daughter Vale, aged six, and son Charles, aged four, and she's encountered an issue many other parents have faced.

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The presenter shared a series of photos on her Instagram feed of her attempting to figure out a children's puzzle, which required a variety of different shapes to be organised so they all fit neatly into a square.

Savannah's frustration at the puzzle became more apparent in later slides, as she raised her fist and flashed a rude gesture in its direction.

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"Why does this 'kids puzzle' stump me. every. single. time?" she questioned.

The post sparked a huge fan response, and fellow journalist Darlene Rodriguez joked: "Throw the whole thing away."

Another fan added: "OMG!!!! Love the #1 frustration picture!!!" and a third said: "Lol, maybe wine will help?"

Savannah's frustration began to show

The presenter did get some sympathy, as one commenter said: "Spatial awareness is a different part of your brain. I can do those all day, but could never do what you do. Can't have it all!"

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And a fifth gave some advice, as they jested: "Trick is to take a picture of it finished for reference."

Savannah shares her two children with her husband, Michael Feldman, and she recently gave a rare insight into her marriage.

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, the star revealed: "It was a lot of togetherness during the last year.

The star is a proud mother to two children

"Right now, I am in his office, which is a closet, and he is in here doing rolling conference calls 15 hours a day and I [would] come home from work and the bathroom is right here so sometimes, on days when I was wishing he had an office to go to, I would flush the toilet when I knew he was talking so it may encourage him to find some office space."

She then joked: "If you hear a toilet flush, it's just revenge."

And in a separate interview with Reveal, the NBC journalist revealed that he once fixed her toilet early on in their relationship, something that she found "attractive."

"Mike is extremely handy, which is one of the things I liked about him when I first met him," she explained. "I thought, 'Wow, here's a sophisticated guy who grew up in the city but who can actually do things.'"

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