Alex Jones makes BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood blush as she praises her handsome boyfriend

Carol recently confirmed her new romance

Carol Kirkwood visited The One Show on Tuesday to promote her debut novel, Under a Greek Moon, which is about a holiday romance, and Alex Jones couldn't help but quiz her about her new boyfriend.

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"Your face is lit up talking about it," Alex told Carol as she described her novel. She then added: "Now between us, and the viewers and nobody else has your own relationship inspire… you haven't talked about it, have you? And it has been going on for a while. Oh, you should see him."

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WATCH: Alex Jones makes Carol Kirkwood blush following comment about her new boyfriend

Carol couldn't help but laugh and blush at the comments made by Alex, who then added: "Has your own relationship inspired this romance?"

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"Not in the slightest. My relationship is straightforward, this one isn't. There are red herrings that take you here, there and everywhere. Lots of plots, lots of turns and twists in this tale," the weather presenter added.

Not giving up in her quest to find out more about the 59-year-old's new romance, Alex stated: "But the feeling of falling in love must have lifted you to a point where you can write about it."

Carol Kirkwood was promoting her debut novel

"Yes," said Carol before giggling again.

Carol confirmed her secret romance with her "handsome" boyfriend last month, describing their relationship as the "best thing that's ever happened to me".

Speaking with Prima Magazine, the weather presenter admitted she is extremely happy but isn't sure whether she is ready to remarry anytime soon.

"I don't want to say too much about my boyfriend, but I will say that he is very kind and very funny - he's always making me laugh. And extremely handsome, as well," she revealed.

"He always makes me a cup of tea before I go to work in the morning, which is very romantic - it's 2.45am and he often leaves me a little love note for when I come home from work. That, to me, is worth a million red roses."

Clearly smitten with her new man, Carol added: "He is the best thing that's ever happened to me, without a shadow of a doubt."