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Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev talk friendship and the realities of working together

Our Spotlight stars spill the wine

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Ahad Sanwari
Ahad SanwariOnline News WriterNew York
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Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev aren't just killing it in the entertainment industry. If a friendship industry were to exist, they'd kill it there too.

Having known each other for over a decade now, the two have been taking the beverage world by storm ever since they decided to take their friendship to the next level and add a business element to it.

Since 2021, the co-owners of Fresh Vine Wine have been strengthening their bond and showcasing their love for events and hosting through the power of collaboration. At the core of their organization lies a desire to encourage togetherness.

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"Wine o'clock" is now their favorite time of day, and instead of letting the complications of business put a strain on their friendship, they've allowed the challenge to make it even stronger, working through long-distance calls and months without seeing each other.

In an exclusive Digital Cover with HELLO!, Julianne and Nina open up about their friendship and how Fresh Vine Wine factors into it all, plus Julianne's move to New York City to star on Broadway, ski trips, and parties galore!

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You've talked in the past about your love life bringing you together, how do you continue to support each other to this day? Are there any moments over the years from that part of your life that have stuck out to you, a "wine o'clock" time, if any?

Nina Dobrev: Whenever we hangout now is “wine o’ clock” time. We travel so much for work that when we get time together, it is a sit down and express our hearts, as we drink Fresh Vine Wine.

Julianne Hough: It really is about taking advantage of the time we have with one another! I recently moved to NYC, so when we get the chance to hang out in the same city, it’s all about catching up on the girl talk and enjoying every moment.   

What is your best memory from your friendship to date? Who would you say is the more adventurous one when it comes to a spontaneous night out?

ND: My favorite memory was our trip to Cabo in 2013. We had the absolute best time! 

JH: Nina and I have been on several trips together over the years, but our ski trips are definitely some for the books!    

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And what are your top tips for entertaining and party planning?

ND: Make sure you have a good playlist, a fun attire theme, and lots and lots of Fresh Vine Wine! 

JH: I always love to incorporate an activity! I think having a game night is a great opportunity to bond, connect and most importantly, laugh together.

Talk about a memorable time you have been supported by each other - and how it strengthened your friendship.

ND: We truly always support one another. Even with Julianne moving to NYC for POTUS, I could not have been more excited for her! When we first met and hung out, we ended up talking for hours on end bouncing off one another. We also were going through some of the same emotions during this time in our life, so we were very in sync, and have stayed that way ever since. 

JH: Nina is so talented! I love being there for her and supporting her through all her successes, as she does so generously for me. We’ve always got each other’s backs and our friendship grows stronger because of that. 

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What challenges, if any, have there been of working together and how did you overcome them?

ND: We work amazingly together. The only challenges are that we both have such busy schedules, that we don't get to see one another as often, but we allow one another to run with our own ideas and embrace them and that pushed us to always be stimulated and hold one another accountable. Also, communication. If something does not sit right with one another, we instantly bring it up and talk about it, and move on. We do not hold on to things, the best way to work is open communication.

JH: We have such great open communication and we each have our strengths. Nina is super visual and has a great eye for design, and I love riffing with her on creative ideas. 

Since Julianne's move to NYC to star in POTUS, how do you both manage working together from across the country?

ND: FaceTime! We chat all the time, and thank God for social media, it allows us to know what one another are doing, even if we are not talking about it. 

JH: YES! Now that I am in NYC, FaceTime has truly been a saving grace. We are constantly in the loop with each other.

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How did your friendship factor into Fresh Vine Wine?

ND: We both love having friend gatherings. Any opportunity we can have that includes chatting and drinking wine is our ideal day. So when we decided to make the wine we were drinking our OWN wine brand, we could not turn that down.  

JH: We are so lucky to be best friends and business partners. The creativity flows and we get to craft something together that matches our lifestyles and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful.

What are some of the most memorable moments you've shared together since embarking on this venture? Any anecdotes?

ND: Our wine went public at The New York Stock Exchange, and it was truly one of the most amazing experiences we have had to date. From ringing the bell, to running down Times Square to see our Fresh Vine Wine billboards… it was a pinch-me moment – and we are so grateful we can tell that story for the rest of our lives. 

JH: After we took Fresh Vine Wine public, we went to Times Square to see our giant billboard and ran through the streets at night. The energy was palpable. Being able to share this milestone together with Fresh Vine Wine was such a special, surreal, and unforgettable moment. 

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Now that summer is here, how are you planning to spend your time? And how do your wines feature in them?

ND: I am traveling a ton this summer. Since Covid took up so much time for everyone around the world, people were not able to travel or see their families all over as much as they would. I want to make up for lost time, and travel and live life to its fullest, with Fresh Vine Wine in my hand of course. 

JH: I love to host dinners outside with my group of your girlfriends. Being together with our glass of wine and laughing together is truly the best medicine.

What is the vision you have for Fresh Vine Wine?

ND: We have so many things cooking up right now. We are currently tasting new wines and designing bottles as you read this. We want Fresh Vine Wine in all stores, so we are on the road to take over.

JH: Global takeover [laughs]! We’d love to have Fresh Vine Wine available at all our favorite restaurants and to make it even more accessible for people. The rosé right now is just killing it. I’m obsessed!

(all images courtesy of Fresh Vine Wine)

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