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Sarah Michelle Gellar shares rare insight into Freddie Prinze Jr. marriage

The I Know What You Did Last Summer co-stars have two children

BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 07: Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrate 50 Years of Nightmares t Knott's Scary Farm on October 07, 2023 in Buena Park, California. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Knott's Scary Farm)
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Sarah Michelle Gellar gave fans a rare look into her marriage to Freddie Prinze Jr. as she revealed how, after over 22 years together, they still make time for each other.

One thing that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is sure of when she's spending quality time with her husband, is that they remain connected with each other, rather than their phones.

Sarah takes the opportunity to disconnect from her phone when she's spending time with Freddie, who she co-starred with in the live-action Scooby Doo movies and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The couple have been together for over 20 years© @sarahmgellar Instagram
The couple have been together for over 20 years

She particularly takes an interest in her husband's hobbies, as he loves painting miniature figurines.

"I actually will go paint with him," she confessed to E!News. "I love it. Mine aren't as good as his. I don't do it as often." 

"Sometimes, I'll just go up to his office with him. We'll just paint and we'll talk and just chill", she revealed. While she may not follow her husband in his artistic skill, Sarah loves a coloring book.

The Daphne Blake actress also explained that she and Freddie make sure they spend as much time with their kids, Charlotte, 14, and Rocky, 11, as possible - and they do so without their phones.

Sarah and Freddie with their two kids© @sarahmgellar Instagram
Sarah and Freddie with their two kids

One of the key ways the family bond is over the dinner table, as "dinners for me are really important".

"We're a food family, food friends, we love to cook." But while they always try to eat together, they make sure that there are no phones at the table.

"If we're all at home eating dinner together, there are no phones," she continued. "It's a moment of connection."

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr at the premiere of Wolf Pack in January 2023. © Getty
The couple married in 2002 and share a daughter, Charlotte, and son Rocky

They'll also play board games together, as Sarah revealed that she "puzzle-overloaded during Covid so I had to take a little break from puzzles, but we do a lot of board games and card games."

In the age of social media where the average American teenager reportedly spent 8 hours 39 minutes staring at screens in 2021, Sarah has partnered with UScellular for the Global Day of Unplugging on March 1.

The mom of two has set up screen time limits on her children's phones, so that "they get whatever amount of time per day that we deem acceptable".

Sarah Michelle Gellar poses with Freddie Prinze Jr and son Rocvky and daughter Charlotte in a forest© Instagram
Sarah shared a series of family pictures

"And then it shuts off, and it's up to us to decide and say, 'Hey, you've really been on it a lot. Go outside and go shoot some hoops or go see your friends across the streets'", she added.

Having been married for almost 22 years, Sarah has been transparent about what it takes to keep her marriage to Freddie going. "Ultimately, it's just remembering to put the work in", she told PopSugar.

She continued: "That relationships, whether they're marital or friendships — you have to put work into it. They're not just a given. And you have to be always willing to devote that time and that attention."