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The top 5 budget-friendly holiday destinations for foodies

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When you're a foodie, one of the best parts of going on holiday is getting the opportunity to try exotic dishes and discover the local cuisine. However, whether you're wandering through food markets, searching out hidden bars and restaurants or looking for fine dining, food can sometimes end up taking up the majority of your holiday budget.

With research revealing that 83 per cent of British tourists have an average food budget of £173, the travel experts at Travelex have unveiled the top five countries which serve up the cheapest food offerings – and you won't have to compromise on taste!


foodie holidays

One must-visit destination? The Netherlands, where the average budget for food comes to just £113, with just 11 per cent of tourists overspending. We recommend wandering one of the famous Dutch cheese markets for some mouth-watering daytime treats. For something a bit heartier, find a restaurant which offers up Stamppot, a traditional dish made of mashed potatoes, vegetables and sauerkraut – perfect if you're visiting during the winter and need food to warm you up!

Republic of Ireland

irish stew

You won’t have to venture too far to get a great deal; most tourists planned a budget of £111, with only 15 per cent over spending. Favourite dishes include Soda Bread and the world-renowned Irish stews, perfect for tucking into after a long day of exploring – and of course, no trip to Ireland is complete without a pint of Guinness!


german sausages

You don't need to break the bank to try some of Germany's most iconic dishes from sausages to Schnitzel, with only 9 per cent of tourists overspending on a budget of £136. If you're in Berlin we recommend stopping off at street food vendors where you can indulge in delectable hot dogs made from classics including Bratwurst or Currywurst. Not a fan of sausages? Then you might want to try a typical German Schnitzel for an equally filling and delicious meal.


polish food

With an average of £142 budgeted by tourists, only 23 per cent overspent. If you're heading to Poland during the winter months, you'll definitely want to warm up with one of their incredible stews, with classics including sauerkraut and stewed pork. Meat tends to feature heavily on the menu, but vegetarians won't be left struggling for options – there are plenty of mouth-watering vegetable soups on offer!


french stew

You can indulge in famous French cheese, wine and pastries to your heart's content, with the average budget coming to £156 and only 8 per cent of tourists overspending. Visiting Paris? Head to one of their traditional cafés where many delicacies from snails to boeuf bourguignon feature on the menu at budget-friendly prices.

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