The Body Coach Joe Wicks gives fans a peek inside his new cookbook

Following the success of his Lean in 15 books, The Body Coach Joe Wicks is back with another cookbook.  Called Cooking for Family and Friends, the new book focuses on creating healthier versions of 100 popular dishes such as toad in the hole, curry and a delicious looking chocolate fondant.

RECIPE: The Body Coach Joe Wicks' chicken pie

Joe gave his 1.8 million Instagram followers a peek inside the book in a video on Tuesday morning, which he shared with the caption: "Here's a little sneak peek of my new book Cooking for Family and Friends J". The clip showed Joe flicking through the book from back to front, revealing that it contains an array of recipes from healthy breakfast, lunch and dinners to more indulgent snacks and desserts that fit in within his Lean in 15 plan. Fans were excited to hear about the new book, with one writing: "I want it NOW!" Another commented: "Can't wait to get one and add to the collection!"

The Body Coach will release his new cookbook in June

In his guise as The Body Coach, Joe has earned a legion of fans and devotees to his diet and exercise programme over the past couple of years. The 30-year-old was named as the best-selling non-fiction author of 2016 following the success of his cookbook trilogy, and his debut book Lean in 15 has since become the 2nd bestselling cookbook of all time.

STORY: Joe Wicks shares his health and fitness tips with HELLO!

"I always try to be as realistic about it as possible," Joe previously told HELLO! Online of his approach to food. "Some people are too hard on themselves if they have a bad day. I always say 'Don't let a bad day become a bad week of eating.'" He added that he believes the worst dieting mistake anyone can make is "not eating enough food" and he doesn't agree with diet plans that "deprive" people of the foods they enjoy. "The message for me is to get girls confident that they can eat more food," Joe said.

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