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Mouthwatering prawn malai curry recipe

The dish can also be found at Calcutta Street

prawn curry

This prawn curry recipe, which can also be found on the menu at Calcutta Street, is a must-try for curry fans!


200 grams king prawns

1 onion blended

1 large clove of garlic coarsely chopped

1 tsp of ginger

2 to 3 green chillies slit from the centre

1 can of coconut milk

4 small bay leaves

Whole garam masala

Red Chili Powder

Turmeric Powder


Pinch of Sugar


Peel the prawns from the centre (but leave the head and tails) and mix it with turmeric and salt and keep aside for about 15 mins.

Heat oil and shallow fry the prawns so they turn golden in colour and keep them aside. In the same oil, add the chopped garlic, bay leaves, garam masala, ginger paste and onions.

Cook this for 5-7 minutes and add the can of coconut milk. Add a little water (about 1/3 of the can).

Add red chilli powder, very little turmeric powder and salt. Add the green chilies. Mix well and cook the gravy for 10 minutes.

Then add the fried prawns. Cook on low for 5 minutes till the gravy thickens.

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