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Salma Hayek opens up about her new juicing business

The actress has founded two health-related businesses

salma hayek lacma
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Salma Hayek and her juicing business partner Eric Helms spent decades crafting ideas for their two wellness companies. The actress first met Helms, the founder of his own successful chain of Juice Generation juice shops, in the 1990s, and since their initial introduction, the friends have co-founded two health-driven firms together – juice home delivery service Cooler Cleanse and natural beauty product subscription service Blend It Yourself.

"Before Eric opened his first store, we were friends," the Frida actress tells CNBC Make It. "I would go to Eric's Juice Generation stores when I was in New York and he would send me samples when I was travelling. Since I have many years of experience with juicing, I felt I had some knowledge to share so I approached Eric about working together."

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salma hayek lacma

Salma Hayek has launched a juicing business

Although the pair had been sharing their love for all things wellness for over 20 years, it still took a tremendous amount of time to come up with the right formulas for their juice and cosmetics products. "Never rush or force anything," she advises fans who are interesting in launching successful businesses of their own. "We worked together for about two years developing the concepts and recipes for both Cooler Cleanse and Blend It Yourself. So be patient. It takes time if you want to do things right."

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Fortunately, the dynamic duo discovered the right angle for their business ventures and they couldn't be more proud. Blend It Yourself, which sends subscribers ingredients to mix their own edible facials and skincare products at home, launched to great success in June, and Salma is elated her efforts with Eric are bringing health and wellness to so many people. "It's always been a very natural progression for us," she smiles. "Eric and I shared a similar passion for helping to reduce the way our modern lifestyle brings so much stress to our body."

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