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Mary Berry reveals the food trends she isn't a fan of – and the one she thinks should make a revival

Don't expect to see avocado on toast in Mary Berry's next cookbook

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Mary Berry has said she isn't a fan of the craze for eating avocado on toast. The former Great British Bake Off judge told Radio Times that although it is fashionable, she thinks there are better ways of serving the fruit. "It's very fashionable now to prepare avocado on toast. I can remember when we didn't have them at all – now they're everywhere," Mary told the magazine.

"But this isn't the nicest thing to do with them. Better to add them to a prawn cocktail or to a little plate of smoked salmon or shrimps. And I love prawn cocktail – it's so retro! Do it in a glass, with a little gem lettuce leaf. People used to laugh at prawn cocktail because it felt dated, but it's coming back."

Avocado toast

Mary Berry isn't a fan of avocado on toast

The 82-year-old also revealed the other food trends she would like to see have a revival. "There are a few dishes I'd like to be popular again," she admitted. "My first choice would be dumplings – they used to be huge! I'd do horseradish dumplings or herb dumplings. And people have forgotten about kedgeree, too, which I love."

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Avocado on toast is not the only food trend Mary can't get on board with; the celebrity chef said she doesn't like the way some dishes are served in restaurants. "The way I cook might have changed, but I present my food like I used to. Serving food on slate tiles? Oh no – that's all very gimmicky," she said. "And I don't like it when a plate is zigzagged with sauce across it or dropped in little blobs in circles."

Mary Berry chelsea flower show

The 82-year-old revealed the food trends she'd love to make a comeback

Mary is not the only famous chef to speak out against fad food trends; in 2017 Gordon Ramsay said he didn't agree with the obsession for unicorn-inspired food and drink, saying: "Unicorns are meant for children's tales, not food."

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