See the unusual meal David Beckham ate in Singapore

The father-of-four enjoyed it so much he went back for more!

Chloe Best

David Beckham tried some extraordinary delicacies during his visit to Singapore at the weekend - including a serving of sea bream sperm. The father-of-four shared photos from his meal at the Japanese restaurant Kuriya Dining on Instagram Stories, and it appears he liked the fish dish so much he ate not just one, but two servings.

The 42-year-old shared two photos of the meal with his fans; the first was a small portion served with lettuce on a spoon, while the second was presented in a larger dish. David also posed for a photo alongside the restaurant's head chef, who held another snap of the pair together from one of the retired footballer's previous visits.


David Beckham tucked into sea bream sperm in Singapore

David appears to be a big fan of the Japanese restaurant, and last ate there during a trip to Singapore in November. He also credited the eatery as one of his "favourite restaurants in Singapore" in a social media post in 2014.

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 Despite its unusual nature, sea bream sperm is a popular menu item in Japanese restaurants. At Kuriya Dining it is featured alongside a menu of sushi, sashimi and meat dishes. The restaurant has a number of set menus on offer so customers can try an array of different dishes; prices range from around £21 for a lunchtime set menu to around £63 for the evening set menu, which includes an appetiser, sashimi, one grilled item, one simmered item (such as braised beef with miso), assorted sushi, soup and a dessert.


The father-of-four dined at Japanese restaurant Kuriya Dining

David often dines at some of the world's finest restaurants while travelling for work or holidays with his family, and recently took his son Brooklyn for an affordable 'lunch date' at the Mayfair restaurant Gymkhana, where they enjoyed Indian cuisine. Other famous restaurants David has visited in recent weeks include The Ritz in London, and Chez L'Ami Louis in Paris, which he described as his "favourite place" in the city.

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