The real reason you never see Love Islanders cooking

Dani Dyer reveals why...

Chloe Ash

Curtis and Michael are beginning to have their heads turned, Amy is panicked with uncertainty and Tommy is clinging to Molly-Mae's stuffed elephant, Ellie Bellie, for dear life. With the Love Islanders facing a lot of upcoming big decisions, there is one thing that contestants never have to worry about, and that is – what they will have for dinner!

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Dani with her Mum and Dad

Speaking exclusively to HELLO!, former Love Island contestant and 2018 winner, Dani Dyer explained why you never prepare your own food whilst in the villa. "There are no menus, it is catering, so obviously breakfast and stuff you cook yourself, so you have like eggs, bacon, toast and that kind of stuff. Then lunch and dinner are buffet," she said. The actress did ensure that in between meals, no one would go hungry as "the fridge has always got meats and cheeses and that kind of stuff, and there is always snacks".


Dani Dyer is a Surf ambassador

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Whilst we sit on the sofa with a big bag of Revels, watching the Islanders work out and strut around in their tiny bikinis, we can't help but imagine the green juices and endless salads that the contestants must eat to keep in such good shape. But Dani guarantees that the contestants are far from healthy with their meal choices, stating "there are salads, meat and fish, but you would end up eating their chips because the chips were so nice. You would go that day, and honestly, I used to say to Samira ' please don't let me eat the chips today'. I mean honestly, I was eating chips every day, I realised I shouldn't be doing that." The eldest daughter of Danny Dyer added, "the boys were going 'oh we have lost so much weight in here' and we were saying 'lost weight! We've been eating all the chips!"

Surf ambassador, Dani Dyer was speaking to HELLO! at Hackney Foodbank, part of the Trussell Trust’s network. Find out more at www.trusselltrust.org

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