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David and Victoria Beckham embrace their silly sides as they bake their first cake together

The famous family are in lockdown


Day three of the coronavirus lockdown saw David and Victoria Beckham attempt to bake their first cake together! Victoria documented their efforts in the kitchen on her Instagram Stories, giving fans a glimpse at their playful relationship. The former Spice Girl was on filming duty, while David got to work creating a lemon drizzle cake. At one point she burst into laughter when a suspicious noise could be heard in the background. "That was the dog! That was the dog making that noise!" she laughed, with David retorting: "Darling, don't lie. Seriously, we know you had baked beans for lunch." "Oh my god, stop!" Victoria replied, laying the blame firmly with the family's spaniel, Fig.

David and Victoria attempted to make their first cake together

Once the cake was ready to be baked, Victoria lamented the fact that it was now her turn to clear up the mess. Telling fans "this is what I do in the kitchen", the 45-year-old joked that she had become "extremely close" to her dishwasher recently, adding that she was loading it for "about the 25th time today".

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Victoria has been keeping fans updated during her family's time in isolation. This week, she joined thousands of parents across the UK attempting to home-school her children. Lifting the moods of her Instagram followers, the doting mum-of-four shared a funny throwback snap from her Spice Girls days – cementing the fact they are all in this together. "#TeamVB is WFH [working from home]," she said in the caption. "And for those of us with kids we are also all working around a classroom schedule. Keep smiling! For as long as this is our new normal we will make it positive x (All technology accepted!!!!!) xxxx VB."

beckham family

The couple are the proud parents to four children

The post came one day after Victoria revealed she has been utilising tech to help her daughter Harper continue her education at home. She shared a look at the eight-year-old taking a maths lesson using a tablet at the dining table in their London home.

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On Tuesday, meanwhile, Victoria's attention turned to the nation's pets. Sharing a fresh-faced selfie as she cuddled up to spaniel Fig, the designer wrote: "Even our pets feel unsettled. Let's take the time to show them love too. We love you Fig. What are you doing to make your pets feel loved?"

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