Krispy Kreme's incredible gesture to NHS and key workers amid coronavirus revealed

The doughnut company are pledging to 'serve half a million smiles'

Krispy Kreme have handed out millions of free doughnuts to key workers across the UK as a "thank you" for their efforts during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The popular food company recently re-opened their factories to safely serve doughnut donations to frontline and wider community heroes. As an extra reward, nine Krispy Kreme drive-thrus in the UK began re-opening last week, to NHS, police and fire service staff.

Krispy Kreme have handed out millions of free doughnuts to key workers

Each key worker can receive a complimentary hot drink and Original glazed doughnut 3-pack upon identification. With this small gesture, the team behind the project sincerely hopes to bring even a brief moment of much needed lightness to those working tirelessly during the pandemic.

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Proudly pledging to "serve half a million smiles," the brand has already started safely delivering half a million Original Glazed doughnuts via contactless drops to hospitals, charities, food banks, police stations, carers and other community heroes and key workers.

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Krispy Kreme CEO, Richard Cheshire, said in a statement: "Our mission to create smiles and bring joy has never been more important. We know we aren't saving lives, but we hope to do something as small and simple as making someone smile. It's our way of saying thank you to people far and wide who are working so hard to keep our nation moving, safe and well at the moment."

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The doughnut company have pledged to 'serve half a million smiles'

Further building on its mission, Krispy Kreme is recruiting a team of eager volunteers from its active staff, to deliver surprise, contactless doughnuts in their local neighbourhoods. Meanwhile fans and customers are invited to support from home and 'dough it forward' by nominating deserving, unsung local heroes to receive a 'doughnutty' thank you. You can nominate one of your heroes by contacting or via the brands social channels.

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