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Nigella Lawson just transformed stale croissants into an amazing dessert

The TV cook created an indulgent pudding

Nigella Lawson just transformed stale croissants into an amazing dessert

Oh, we do love a great cooking hack from the talented Nigella Lawson – and the popular TV cook just shared a fabulous tip with her Instagram followers.

Sharing a photo of a pot of crumbled croissants, Nigella wrote: "If there’s anything better than a fresh, warm croissant and butter, it’s stale croissants turned into this Caramel Croissant Pudding."

Let's just break that down: Caramel. Croissant. Pudding. Yes to this!

The star posted the full recipe on her bio page and revealed how she made this particular dessert on a Monday evening, as she had stale croissants leftover from the weekend.

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To make her Caramel Croissant Pudding, Nigella combines the croissants with homemade caramel, cream, milk, bourbon and eggs. She calls it a 'caramel bourbon custard' and simply pours it over the croissants before baking – sounds pretty divine to us.

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Nigella's Instagram followers are huge fans of this pudding, with one posting: "Love this! Always makes me feel less bad about picking up an extra croissant or two from the bakery!"

Another wrote: "This is a favourite in our house, been making it for years! I use Baileys in it though."

There were more tips to enhance the recipe as a fan said: "I love this pudding! Sometimes serve it with rhubarb and ginger compote, delicious."

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Nigella Lawson is the queen of tasty home desserts

A few followers did make us chuckle, however, as they joked about the likelihood of having leftover croissants. One wrote: "Whoever heard of stale croissants, there are never any spares LOL."

Good excuse to buy a bumper pack of croissants, we say… 

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