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Your virtual Christmas party is saved! Here’s how to do cocktails and karaoke at home

Who will be in charge of your playlist...?

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Anna Johnstone
Anna JohnstoneHead of Social
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We’ve all missed the fun of the annual work Christmas party (well, maybe not the awkward networking or the morning embarrassment of remembering that you suggested shots to your boss...) - but 2020 doesn’t have to be a total festive flop. If you used to love getting glammed up, enjoying some cocktails with your favourite colleagues, and usually ending the night with a spot of karaoke, then we’ve found your socially-distanced soirée saviour…

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For the perfect night in, Funkin Cocktails has teamed up with Lucky Voice to deliver cocktail party boxes to your team, so everyone can toast making it through 2020 in the comfort of their living room. And you know what’s even cooler? There’s some whizzy science behind the cans; they’re infused with nitrogen which smokes when you open (yes, really!) and creates a foam head when poured - just like the fancy ones we used to share in our favourite cocktail bars. We’ll meet again, passionfruit martinis.

prince william taylor swift bon jovi

Sadly, Taylor, Jon, and William can't join - but they love karaoke as much as us!

Then - because what’s a Christmas party without Mariah Carey - you can have some fun with karaoke, as each box comes with a month’s free subscription to Lucky Voice and discount off Karaoke Machines. It’s probably worth getting in some singing practice now, because let’s face it, once we make it through these times, we’ll have a LOT of new songs to request on the dancefloor. WAP, we’re looking at you.

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funkin cocktails cans

You'll struggle to decide which cocktail to try first...

There are six different box options to choose, and they all feature a selection of your favourite cocktails: Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Bellini, Passionfruit Martini and Espresso Martini. Plus, of course, they don’t just have to be for your office party - why not surprise your pals with them for your festive Zoom gettogether? Crack out the special barware, grab your sequins, put some lippy on… and check your WiFi connection. It IS a 2020 party, after all.

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