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James Martin's genius gravy hack will revolutionise your Christmas dinner

The James Martin's Saturday Morning has the best foodie tricks

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Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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December 25th is approaching and many of us are starting to plan our Christmas Day lunch. You've sorted the turkey, planned the potatoes and veg, and remembered the stuffing and pigs in blankets – but what about the gravy?

A tasty sauce can transform your meal from ok to amazing and chef James Martin shared a brilliant hack with us when we chatted to him in September.

The James Martin's Saturday Morning host told HELLO! that a really easy way to create a flavoursome sauce is to start off with a shop-bought stock then add another key ingredient.

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He said: "There's a couple of guys making premade liquid stocks that you find in the supermarkets. If you want something really quick, that [stock] and a bit of red wine will make a sauce for your Sunday lunch – so easy."

The star has the best tip for pre-preparing your gravy too which will make Christmas meals so much simpler. James recommends: "Put it [the gravy] in an ice cube tray, freeze it, pop the ice cubes in a freezer bag and when you want sauce, just take some out, warm it up and you've got a sauce straight away."

He adds: "It's perfect for Christmas. Always at Christmas time, you'll run out, so buy it now. Make the sauce, freeze it."

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We're loving James Martin's gravy hack!

James also gave us some inspiration for those turkey leftovers. Sharing a lunch favourite of his, he said: "Chipotle paste is great too. Mix it with a bit of sour cream and lime and eat it with a bit of cooked chicken or whatever you want. A lot of people go for wraps – chipotle paste is really good."

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