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Tess Daly's daily diet revealed - and it's so relatable

The Strictly star confessed she has a sweet tooth

tess daly diet
Nichola Murphy
Nichola MurphyWeddings Editor
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Tess Daly always has so much energy when hosting Strictly Come Dancing alongside Claudia Winkleman - and it seems her healthy, balanced diet could be reason why! 

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While she's admitted she's not a huge fan of exercising, the TV star does eat three healthy meals a day – plus grazing on sweet treats of course!

Discover what Tess eats at home with her husband Vernon Kay and their two daughters 16-year-old Phoebe and 11-year-old Amber...

What does Tess Daly eat for breakfast?

Whether it's a lighter meal such as a smoothie or a bigger breakfast such as porridge, the 51-year-old tends to kick off her day with at least some fruit.

tess daly breakfast

Tess' favourite breakfasts include porridge, Greek yoghurt and pancakes

"I start the day with porridge, blueberries and maple syrup, or I’ll purée some mango and throw in some banana slices, then sprinkle some granola and flaxseed on top," the told Health & Wellbeing.

Sharing a photo of her tasty breakfast on Instagram, she explained: "I find if I start the day with good intentions i.e. eating a well-balanced and nourishing breakfast then I’m more likely to stick to healthy choices throughout the day.

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"This is my fave home-made breakfast of low-fat Greek yoghurt, banana pecans, sprinkle of granola then blueberries and cinnamon."

But when she has more time at the weekends, she cooks up a tasty breakfast with her daughters – "I don’t swerve the pancakes or the homemade French toast!" she said.

What does Tess Daly eat for lunch?

Tess has admitted to eating a predominantly vegetarian diet with white meats such as fish and chicken but tends to avoid too many refined carbohydrates.

tess daly lunch

The Strictly star doesn't eat red meat

"If I eat refined carbs or foods that have the potential to bloat, I notice the baby pouch again. It's never as flat as it was before, unless you're Gwyneth Paltrow and spend your entire life dedicated to the cause," she joked to Women's Health, on the subject of how her two daughters have changed her body.

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Foods such as a falafel wrap or a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich are some of her go-to dishes. 

What does Tess Daly eat for dinner?

Sharing a cooking tutorial on Instagram as part of her partnership with Tesco, Tess has given fans a look inside some of her homecooked dinners – and her cooking skills!

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She whipped up a delicious Thai style cod dish topped with a garlic, chilli and coriander crumb, while her husband Vernon pinched some of her chopped ingredients.

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The doting mum-of-two also told Health & Wellbeing: "Dinner is usually rice, vegetables and chicken, or I’ll make fajitas, and we’ll do roast chicken on the weekend." Who doesn't love a classic Sunday roast?

What snacks does Tess Daly eat?

tess smoothie

Tess encourages daughters Amber and Phoebe to eat healthily by making smoothies

To keep her satisfied between meals, she often turns to smoothies for a healthy snack – a clever method to also encourage her kids to eat more fruit. 

"I find that making smoothies with wholesome ingredients and eating healthily in front of the children really encourages them to reach for the good stuff too and it stops them asking for chocolate. It’s good for me as my energy doesn’t slump afterwards, and I’m not reaching for sweet stuff to pick me up again," she told Instagram fans.

However, Tess is only human and loves a sweet treat as much as the rest of us!

tess daughter cake

The TV star has a sweet tooth and loves Haribo, cake and chocolate

In a joint interview with Claudia, she told the Metro newspaper: "Claudia doesn’t do sugar. But that might not surprise you. She’s like the polar opposite of me. I’ve always got a bag of Haribo somewhere about my person. I’ve never seen her eat a sweet. She’ll eat cake, though".

Chocolate and cake are also some of her favourite snacks, telling Women's Health: "I could never deny myself cake because that just makes for an unhappy life. I’m a big believer in moderation." So we imagine she thoroughly enjoyed daughter Amber's 11th birthday celebrations which included marshmallows and cupcakes.

What does Tess Daly drink?

Tess recently gave an insight into her weekly shop, revealing she had been prepping for husband Vernon's return from the I'm A Celebrity castle by stocking up on his favourite foods. These included "mostly meat and chocolate", but also a liberal amount of Yorkshire teabags! The couple love a brew, just like the rest of us. 

So much so that Vernon even requested a cuppa as his beverage of choice during his final trial! As for Tess, she has previously revealed her perfect weekend involves lots of cups of tea. 

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