Princess Beatrice's pre-wedding diet revealed - and it's surprising

Beatrice favours plant-based options

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Princess Beatrice is currently expecting her first child with husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, who she wed in private ceremony held at All Saints Chapel in Windsor Great Park last July. The 32-year-old royal has been looking happy and healthy during recent public appearances - she is glowing!

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Have you ever asked yourself, what does Princess Beatrice eat to stay healthy? While the royal has remained tight-lipped about her food preferences compared to the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, we do know that she favours a vegan diet, having hosted a lavish 31st birthday party with an entirely plant-based menu, including a dairy-free cake.

Read on to discover what Beatrice's pre-wedding menu was like…


Princess Beatrice reportedly adopted a vegan diet ahead of her wedding

Princess Beatrice's wedding diet plan 

At the time, it was thought nutritionist Gabriela Peacock had been helping her prepare for her wedding in the Chapel Royal at St James' Palace on 29 May, which was sadly postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. 

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Gabriela, who Beatrice counts as a close friend, is reported to have worked with both Prince Harry and Beatrice's sister Eugenie, so undoubtedly also had a major role in the nuptials. 

The founder of GP Nutrition previously told HELLO!: "I love to help my friends prepare for big occasions. Beatrice is one of my closest friends and we're all very excited for her." 

Gabriela Peacock discussed food fads and her royal friends in HELLO!

Beatrice had had plenty of time to cook healthy meals at home and finetune the wedding menu, which is thought to have had lots of plant-based options. So, what exactly did a day on a plate look like for Beatrice in the run-up to her wedding?

Princess Beatrice's day on a plate:


6-9am: Breakfast like a King. "Opt for a good sized breakfast that will keep you going," says Gabriela. She recommends eggs with veggies, rye bread or fruit, or protein porridge or granola with unsweetened yoghurt.

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Happy, almost joined, birthday to these two ❤️🎉 (sorry again Iris 😉) #LeosRock

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Gabriela Peacock is close friends with Princess Beatrice


11am-2pm: Lunch like a Queen. Gabriela recommends a focus on "lean protein sources, vegetables and whole grains". A well-rounded example would be veggies with chicken, tofu or fish, and quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato. She adds that it's a good idea to make your own dressing such as apple cider vinegar and fresh herbs, since shop-bought products are often high in salt and preservatives.

4-5pm: Mid afternoon snack. Gabriela affirms that snacking is "a great way to stabilise blood sugar levels to avoid energy slumps". Avoid sugary products and opt for high protein snacks such as a cube of cheese with fruit, yoghurt, a small palm of nuts/seeds, a protein powder shake, nut butter and apple slices or hummus and crudités.

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6-8pm: Dinner like a pauper. "Keep your evening meal smaller than lunch and breakfast," says Gabriela. White fish, tofu or turkey with steamed veggies and greens will make for a balanced, nutritious meal. 

Gabriela also suggests certain supplements to enhance the benefits of a good diet including omega-3 for healthy skin and hair, vitamin B for energy levels and magnesium for sleep quality

Pregnancy dietary advice 

It is not known for sure whether Beatrice is still maintaining a vegan diet during her pregnancy. However, it is definitely safe to do so, as long as you ensure your diet is varied and balanced providing you with all the nutrients you need to help your baby grow. The NHS recommends making getting enough iron and vitamin B12 (mainly found in meat and fish) and vitamin D a priority.

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For iron replacements, make sure to load up on pulses, dark green vegetables and fortified breakfast cereals and wholemeal products. In terms of Vitamin D, foods fortified with vitamin D and dietary supplements might be the way to go. It's very important to seek medical advice while pregnant or breastfeeding, so make sure to check with your doctor before making any dietary changes. 

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