Ronan Keating sends Piers Morgan a round of drinks and the video is hilarious

The stars shared a joke in the hotel bar

Sophie Hamilton

You know what it's like… you're a worldwide famous TV presenter just chilling at your fancy holiday resort bar and then you spot a worldwide famous popstar across the terrace.

Said popstar sends over some drinks as a friendly gesture and you think wow, how kind. But then - oh - you realise said drinks are actually free as you're staying at an all-inclusive resort.

Yep, that's exactly what happened to Piers Morgan and Ronan Keating on holiday in Antigua.

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WATCH: Piers and Ronan's funny encounter in Antigua

Piers shared a hilarious video clip on his Instagram Stories detailing the encounter and we are still lolling about it.

"When a pop superstar sends you over a round of drinks… and then you remember it's an all-inclusive resort. Cheers @rokeating!" He added: "Sent us over some free rosé, Gent @rokeating."

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Piers films Ronan's reaction

In the clip, Piers is having a drink with his son then pans his camera over to Ronan in the background, who is smiling and holding his arms up as if to say 'my pleasure!' Nice one Ronan, what a generous guy you are.

We have to say, the drinks did look pretty good – a couple of blush pink rosés and some fruity-looking soft drinks.

Piers and Ronan were both dining at the Jumby Bay Resort in Antigua, which looks sublime.

The resort's website says of its bars: "Jumby Bay is your private-island home, superb dining is all part of the carefree inclusive experience and now it is entirely à la carte. Our restaurants have been re-imagined including the classy Estate House and The Veranda for casual Caribbean fare on the seashore. Order up a rum punch in the 1830 bar or Tattinger on the terrace, this is island life."

Sounds pretty good to us…

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