Paris Fashion Week: Kate's designer Sarah Burton brings edgy McQueen brand back to its roots

Before that dress, Alexander McQueen was known for edgy, envelope-pushing designs beloved by supermodels and rock chicks.

Think Lady Gaga, Kate Moss or even socialite Daphne Guinness when she paid tribute to the late genius, wearing towering platforms and a striking fascinator at his funeral.

This week, his protege Sarah Burton returned the brand to its roots.




Sarah, who took over the helm after his death in 2010, unveiled a gothic collection in Paris on Tuesday that drew on feminine strength and sensuality.

"This is a collection about excess,"  she warned before the show.



"It's an exploration of ideals of beauty at their most extreme. We go to such lengths to adorn ourselves that we almost become our clothes or are taken over by them."

She added that part of her inspiration had been women as objects of desire, which was conveyed in the show.

One model had veiled eyes, while another had her face completely covered, with only her body visible beneath sheer chiffon.



Although these designs are far too avant-garde for Kate, there were some beautiful creations that the brunette beauty will, no doubt, be keen to take a second look at.

Sumptuous skirt suits with gold embellishment would be perfect for more formal occasions, whilst structured dresses cinched in by cummerband belts are bound to impress the Duchess.

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