Roland Mouret denies helping Victoria Beckham

Roland Mouret has once again denied rumours that he is responsible for the success of fashion designer Victoria Beckham's eponymous clothing label.

Speculation has been rife for years that Roland helped Victoria make a name for herself in the fashion industry, but Roland has opened up on the matter in a recent interview, revealing that he has only ever been a "mentor" to the former Spice Girl.




"Can she call me a mentor? Yes," he said to the Evening Standard. "I gave her some advice, some names, some people and allowed her to call me whenever she wants. That's all."

He went on to explain why Victoria, who had no background in fashion design, decided to set up her own label.

"She is the most photographed woman, so why should she not be photographed in other people's clothes if she can be photographed in her own?



"It was time for the name and product to come together," he added. "She is not a designer like me but she has something I don't have: that unique sense of wearing what she is doing, and that picture will go around the world."

The rumours that he was helping Victoria first started swirling when she unveiled her first ever collection, featuring sexy, sculpted silhouettes that were reminiscent of Roland's signature style.

Roland denied his involvement in Victoria's success for the first time in 2011, after being asked by a journalist. "Why would I design a collection for Victoria Beckham?



"Yes she is a friend and yes she asks for advice and yes I told her the name of a pattern cutter, but she has lots of friends she asks for advice - Marc Jacobs. I like to help people that's all."

Roland and Victoria are good friends, with the pair often attending events together. The star also frequently sports his designs.

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