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Victoria Beckham's new collection aimed at 'intellectual women'

Victoria Beckham's new collection aimed at 'intellectual women'
Victoria Beckham 

has launched her autumn/winter 2013 collection for Victoria, Victoria Beckham on the e-commerce site she debuted back in March.Back in February, the fashion designer revealed that this collection was aimed at the "intellectual woman"."I feel like the Victoria, Victoria Beckham girl this season is an engaged intellectual with a sense of humour," explained Victoria.


"She can wear anything with aplomb yet she chooses the simplicity of a dress. She marches rather than walks, she drinks espresso, and she devours books and art and film. And she is subversively sexy without trying. I'd like to meet her…"Talking about designing the collection, Victoria added, "I'm really excited about this collection, it's effortlessly cool and easy and we've developed a lot of textures – it looks like there's a lot of layers."The idea is that you don't have to think about it. It looks like two pieces – jumpers and skirts – but it's just one piece and you can just zip yourself up and off you go."


The new line reflects Victoria's personal style – simple yet elegant dresses, menswear-inspired tailored pieces and utilitarian, no-frills fashion.The androgynous vibe is grown-up, thanks to monochrome silhouettes and a muted colour palette – featuring tones of burgundy, copper and oxblood.Meanwhile,

Victoria has returned to Los Angeles 

and was quick to make her arrival known by posting a welcome snap of her smiling on Twitter.The fashionista delighted fans when she shared a photograph of herself clearly in high spirits.Victoria, who is happily married to legendary footballer David Beckham, is pictured striking a pose in front of the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. She is seen holding her hands up in the air and on this rare occasion, smiling in public."So good to be back in LA, and hiking , who knew? X vb," posted Victoria alongside the photograph.The mother-of-four dressed casually for the outdoor activity and was clearly enjoying the sun , opting for a navy blue sleeveless top and shorts ensemble.Unusually for the former Spice Girl, who is known for wearing skyscraper high heels, Victoria surprised fans further by wearing flat shoes .The rare combination of her smiling and donning flats prompted light-hearted comments from her fans on Twitter, with one saying, "@victoriabeckham looking amazing as usual! did you crop out the flats on purpose? hahaha :) x."

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