Kate Moss: 40 facts ahead of her milestone birthday


As Kate Moss gears up to celebrate her 40th birthday party next week, check out these 40 interesting facts about the supermodel and face of St. Tropez…

1) She was first discovered at New York’s JFK airport at the age of 14

2) She makes plum jam from fruit grown from her Cotswold estate


3) She supports Chelsea

4) She had 15 bridesmaids at her wedding to Jamie Hince

5) If she could be an animal, she would be a lioness

6) She’s appeared in a White Stripes video

7) She’s a tea addict and drinks between 10-15 cups a day

8) Her favourite cheese is Stilton

9) She has a brother named Nick, who was once a model

10) She’s graced over 300 magazine covers

11) She’s featured on the cover of Vogue 33 times since her debut in 1993

12) She is now a contributing editor at British Vogue

13) She stripped naked to be the face and body of St.Tropez self-tan

14) She bought her own engagement ring in 2008 because her fiancé, Jamie Hince, couldn’t afford it at the time

15) She is godmother to Jude Laws’ daughter Iris

16) She prefers Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter

17) She is OCD about not mixing silver and gold

18) Her half-sister, Lottie, is also signed by Storm, Kate’s model agency

19) She doesn’t take selfies

20) In 2005, a naked portrait of Kate, painted by artist Lucien Freud was sold for £3.9 Million pounds

21) She had her figure immortalized in solid gold in a £1.5 million pound sterling statue for the British Museum

22) She doesn’t like texting as she’s a self-proclaimed ‘grammar snob’

23) She changes phone accessories to match her outfits

24) Her favourite app is Dumb Ways to Die


25) She was featured on the front cover of the 60th anniversary issue of Playboy magazine

26) The St.Tropez shoot happened on the coldest day of the year although it looked like it was shot on a sunny beach

27) Her ultimate beauty product is black kohl eyeliner

28) She sang with Bobby Gillespie and Jason Spaceman for their ‘Spiritualized’ album

29) Manolo Blahnik made her wedding shoes five times to make sure they were perfect

30) Her fashion line is set to return to Topshop in 2014 and will be sold in 40 countries worldwide

31) Her beauty icon is Jerry Hall

32) She doesn’t think number 13 is unlucky

33) She takes fashion inspiration from Mick Jagger

34) Her biggest fashion regret are dungarees

35) She first used St.Tropez 15 years ago on her first trip to Ibiza

36) She featured in Paul McCartney’s most recent video ‘Queenie Eye’ with ex-lover Johnny Depp

37) She loves Eastenders

38) She never gets rid of her clothes, they’re all in storage for her daughter Lila

39) Her ultimate festival essentials are hotpants, wellies, salt spray & St.Tropez tan

40) She’s not a natural blonde