Chanel sausages and Fendi fishfingers: the 'FabFood Project'

Chanel sausages, Fendi fishfingers and Louis Vuitton toast – this is the ultimate fashion/food fusion.

Photographer Linus Morales has created some of the world's most recognisable fashion brand logos out of food in a an exhibition entitled 'The FabFood Project'.


The iconic Chanel logo – two crossed Cs – has been fashioned from large sausages, the double-F Fendi made out of fishfingers and a pork chop has the Gucci double-G seared into it.

Meanwhile, a piece of toast is branded with the LV of Louis Vuitton.

According to his website, Linus is a Sweden-based photographer who has worked with Puma, Mitsubishi and MIH Jeans.


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