'Show off your good bits!': Carol Vorderman gives her top fashion advice

Posing in form-fitting outfits that accentuate her enviable physique, Carol Vorderman is the picture of confidence in the new Isme campaign.

The TV presenter, 53, has one top tip for women when it comes to fashion. "Show off your good bits!" she tells HELLO! Online in an exclusive interview.

"Show off the good and don't stress about the bits you don't like so much, because that is just a waste of time."




Carol Vorderman wows in the new isme.com campaign

She encourages women to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

"If you want to wear a miniskirt, you go girl! Just do it. I wouldn't wear a miniskirt now because my legs aren't what they used to be ten years ago, but it's whatever you're psychologically comfortable with.

"Just make sure you don't push the boundary with what you wear just because that's what fashion dictates."


The TV presenter, 53, looks better than ever

The Loose Women presenter advises women of all ages not to aspire to unrealistic body types.

"In the high fashion world, the models are very tall and very thin," she said. "But don't try and emulate a body shape that you aren't, because you'll only ever be disappointed if you don't achieve it.

"That's what I love about being a brand ambassador for Isme – it's a more realistic size ten as opposed to a size zero."


Carol encourages women to wear whatever they feel comfortable in

Carol has been in the public eye for over 30 years, since she shot to fame co-hosting Countdown in 1982. And she admits to feeling pressure to stay in shape.

"I definitely feel under a certain pressure because you get criticised for everything nowadays," she says.

"Plus the camera really does add a dress size to you. If you get a bad shot, it's even adding a dress size and a half! I look better in photos if I'm a size eight rather than a size ten – that's just the way it is."

Her derriere is arguably Carol's most famous asset – in 2011 she fought off tough competition from Pippa Middleton to win the Rear of the Year award.

"It's hilarious," she laughs. "I've always had a big, curvy bottom. So it's just funny because it's always been there… And it's weird because I never see it.

"But I think I have lycra to thank. I discovered lycra gives the bottom a great shape."

Carol models isme.com’s high summer/transitional collection which is out now. Carol was launched as the style ambassador for isme.com in February last year.