Victoria Beckham is world's best-dressed traveller

She spends most of her time at international airports, boarding flights to Los Angeles, Japan and London, so it's unsurprising Victoria Beckham has crafted how to look incredible even after a long-haul flight. But now it's been confirmed; she is the world's best traveller.

The 42-year-old topped the list compiled by British Airways and stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, beating the likes of Kendall Jenner, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani.


Victoria Beckham is officially the world's best traveller - and it's easy to see why

Alongside her award-winning high fashion brand, Victoria juggles being mum to the four children she shares with husband David, so it's actually amazing she always looks so well put-together.

Elizabeth said: "Victoria Beckham always gets it right when flying and it's so impressive. Usually there is a menswear element to her travel wardrobe, it's chic and sophisticated but still classic and comfortable."

If you want to emulate Victoria's airport style, and, let's face it, of course you do, here's what you need to do.

Get Victoria's airport look with these simple tips

Make the most of your man

VB is often seen in an oversized blazer, or casual-fitting shirt when flying in and out. We're not saying these came directly from David's equally stylish wardrobe, but take inspiration from the man in your life.

Stay classy

It's easy to give into the temptation of your most comfortable track pants, but save them for when you're safely at home and away from prying eyes. Instead, opt for a patterned pencil skirt or trousers to help you breeze from boarding lounge to boardroom with ease.

Layer up

If, like Victoria, you travel a lot, it can be hard to keep up with the climates. Always have to hand a light but tailored coat, and let this be a pop of colour in your otherwise monochrome outfit.

Stick to the theme

She's known for keeping it simple but chic, and Victoria often looks her best when she's dressed head to toe in one colour. Let everybody know you mean business with some black skinny jeans and a black sweater.


Two things: Sunglasses and high heels. Take slippers in your carry on for when you're on the flight, but as soon as you've landed switch to heels and pop a pair of oversized sunglasses on. Trust us, you'll feel like an absolute boss walking through the airport.

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