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Meet Caroline Flack's secret weapon for Love Island and find out what's planned for her finale outfit

Everything you need to know about Caroline's fashion stylist 

Meet Caroline Flack's secret weapon for Love Island and find out what's planned for her finale outfit

Can you believe it's the Love Island finale soon? We can't deal. With temperatures soaring in the Mediterranean, we're expecting a killer outfit from Caroline Flack for the final show on Monday. There's no denying that the 39-year-old has a signature look - we're talking short hemlines, shoulder-baring and luxe fabrics - but do you know who's responsible for Caroline's on-screen looks? 

Caroline Flack's fashion stylist is Nisha Grewal. You'll find her on Instagram as @nisha_stylist and she's the TV personality's right-hand woman for her appearances on the show. Whether she's greeting the Islanders in the villa or interviewing guests on Aftersun, Nisha will be the one who styled her. And Caroline is in good company - her other celebrity clients include Rose Leslie, Killing Eve's Jodie Comer and The Crown star Vanessa Kirby, but she gets booked out throughout the summer, and travels back and forth from London to Mallorca with Caroline. 

caroline flack nisha

Ahead of the final on Monday  29 July, we spoke to Nisha about what life is like being on Caroline's epic glam squad - including hair and beauty artist Gemma Wheatcroft - on the most popular TV show of the summer… 

Hi Nisha! Tell us - how did you and Caroline Flack meet?

"We met a couple of years ago on a cover shoot and we just got chatting away about life and Love Island – we got excited about all the new outfits to come and thought how wonderful it would be to work on them together."

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What is important when planning an outfit for Caroline’s Love Island wardrobe?

"The one constant is the need for a block heel in the villa; the gaps in the decking can be slightly treacherous for that slow-mo walk! We have day time walk-ins, nighttime walk-ins, and studio looks, I like to mix it up style-wise as much as possible, however, Caroline has a petite frame so I would never want the garments to overpower, creating the best silhouette is always my end goal. I try to push the fashion forward and keep it interesting."

caroline flack 3

Caroline wearing a yellow Michelle Mason dress and gold sandals

What are a few of your favourite brands to dress Caroline in this Love Island season?

"We love Christopher Kane and kicked the series off with his LDD (little denim dress). Michelle Mason is always a favourite! I love De La Vali - they are such a gorgeous new brand, I’m incredibly excited about them!" 

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caroline flack 4

Caroline wearing a For Love And Lemons heart-print dress and white Aldo shoes

How would you describe Caroline’s style?

"Caroline’s style is playful and vibrant which reflects her personality perfectly. I try to keep surprising with her outfits and have fun with it! Fashion should be fun!"

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What’s the biggest challenge for Love Island?

"Planning Caroline’s wardrobe starts months in advance. I’m constantly searching for inspiration, sourcing new brands, creating mood boards and shopping! I have to be meticulously organised as there’s a lot of looks needed for the show."

caroline flack 2

Caroline wearing denim cut off River Island shorts, a Tommy Hilfiger bodysuit and leopard print Office shoes 

What do you think makes the perfect summer outfit?

"I think summer dressing is all about feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing. Heat wise. Body wise. Style wise. That’s what’s important." 

What can we expect from Caroline’s style over the rest of the series?

"It’s a surprise! We have an exciting designer creating the finale look!"

caroline flack 5

Caroline wearing a blue floaty Caroline Constas dress and Kurt Geiger heels 

How many outfits do you think you plan over the series?

"I’m a planner! I love to plan as much as possible. We have numerous fittings and plan around 20 outfits at the start of the show, however, things can always change! We look at hundreds of options throughout the series - I never stop searching for the perfect look for Caroline's arrivals." 

caroline flack 8

Caroline wearing a red dress by Michelle Mason and Sophia Webster sandals

Is there anything you avoid?

"For the daytime walk-ins, we have to think practically. We avoid heavy fabrics as well as silk,  the Mallorcan can be up to 40 degrees, IT'S HOT! However, nothing is completely off the table for the rest of the show, if we fall in love with a look, we don’t let anything hold us back! We make it work!"

caroline flack 6

Caroline wearing a Self Portrait dress and Kurt Geiger sandals

Do you try and mix high street and designer or is it more simply about the look?

"I definitely like to mix high street in with designer. It’s important to me to keep some of the looks accessible for the people watching."

What’s the biggest challenge of styling the season and what’s your favourite part?

"My biggest challenge is making sure we have enough options for all the different scenarios. Fashion is emotive and you can love something one week and change your mind the next, so I need to have backups and be super organised, especially when we are headed out to Mallorca.

"My favourite part is the night time villa walk-ins, we film around midnight, much later than you’d expect, with a wonderful crew. It’s fun creating the slow mos! It’s all about the fashion. Its Caroline’s mini catwalk and we go for it!"

caroline flack 7

Caroline wearing a denim Christopher Kane dress, Chloe sunglasses and Kurt Geiger sandals

Is working on Love Island as fun as it looks?

"Mallorca is fun! We regularly have the day time off, in the sunshine, it's joyous."

When Nisha hasn't been busy with her Love Island glam committee she has been working with brands such as Thorntons Chocolates - she recreated iconic pearl fashion images using chocolate jewels and gave away an exclusive styling session - and has been getting ready to be a cool auntie. 

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