Here's what the Love Island stars REALLY eat in the villa – caterers, snacks and more

This is five-star service!

We've spent a long, hot summer watching our favourite islanders' every move in that now-iconic Mallorcan villa – but have you ever wondered what the Love Island stars' routine is when it comes to eating? It's not uncommon to see the likes of Ovie or Tommy rustling up a snack in the outdoor kitchen, but apparently it's not quite as it seems. All was revealed on Sunday night's Aftersun show, when some of the show's behind-the-scenes team members shared some secrets.

Who prepares the Islanders' meals?

During one segment, Bella, who is the 'villa runner', revealed that she looks after "all the Islanders' wants and needs" - which she admitted usually means providing plenty of snacks! That big cupboard the stars are often seen having a rummage around? That's the larder, and it's where she puts everything ready for them - whenever they want it. Jealous, us?

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"This is the back of the larder, this is where we put all the islanders' requests," she said. "Islanders love snacks. Crisps, cookies, chocolate - the girls always want chocolate -  and they love coffee. So I'm always topping up coffee."

When asked about the contestants' main meals, she said: "All the meals are made by a catering company. The guys do eat a lot of food, a lot of protein – they'll have like three or four chicken breasts in one meal!"

The contestants can request whatever snacks they want

Revealing insights about the islanders' habits, she added: "The biggest eater is definitely Tommy. He seems to have mayonnaise on every meal. He'll go through like half a bottle a day! Anton always requests breath spray – he goes through a bottle every other day. The boys are always losing boxers, too, I don't know where they put them!"

Apparently the girls' dressing room is the hardest to clean...

The segment also revealed that the villa has a cleaning team – the girls' dressing room is apparently always the worst, with cleaning co-ordinator Chris admitting: "Over the course of the show there's enough hair to make a wig for me!" Gross.

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It's hard to believe the show is coming to an end on Monday – though we're hardly surprised no-one wants to get dumped with this kind of service…