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Most profiles of Lord Of The Rings star Orlando Bloom identify his father as famed anti-apartheid activist and author Harry Bloom, who died when the actor was just four years old. However, the 26-year-old pin-up has now revealed that the South African lawyer is not his biological father.

Orlando tells British magazine The Face that his mother had admitted the man he called "dad" was in fact not even related to him. In reality, a family friend long-thought to be only the actor's guardian, Colin Stone, was his father.

The true story came out when the handsome star was a teenager, and his mum confessed the surprising news while they, and his sister Samantha, were on holiday. "I found out that Colin was my father – not Harry, but Colin," said Orlando. He explains further: "When my father (Harry) died, Colin Stone was made my guardian. He was always a close family friend but I always thought Harry was my biological father."

Having starred in epic fantasies such as Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean, Orlando takes his own complicated family tale at his stride. "It's an unusual story," he says, "but then you show me a family and I'll show you an unusual story."

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The actor tells The Face magazine that anti-apartheid author Harry Bloom isn't his dad - his biological father is in fact the man who has been his guardian since Harry's deathClick on photo to enlarge

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