26 JULY 2007

Nicole Kidman's husband Keith Urban has declared he'd love to be a daddy next year, and the actress - who has two adopted teenage children Isabella and Conor with ex-husband Tom Cruise - has also spoken of her dream of becoming a biological mum. As these poignant images of the actress tenderly cuddling her baby niece Sybella in Sydney show, she's more than ready for that step. The 40-year-old star, who has been filming Baz Luhrman's Outback epic Australia, is relishing the chance to work on home territory and spend as much time with her extended family as possible.

During a shopping trip to Sydney's Woolharra district Nicole happily took charge of sister Antonia's fourth child, who was born in March. Holding her close, the actress demonstrated the strong bond she feels with Sybella. The Moulin Rouge beauty has been a tower of support to her younger sibling, who has been separated from her husband Angus for the last three months.

The pair have also been going riding together. "It's a really nice thing to do with your sister, to be able to have that hobby together," says Nicole, who insists Antonia is a much better rider than herself. And there's no doubting she's enjoying every minute of life with her country crooner husband at the moment. "It is just beautiful for me to be making a film here and him touring here at the same time… that's a pretty big deal for us," she told an Australian newspaper this week. "We were looking at each other going 'Wow, this is a sweet spot now'."

"We are both very intertwined," she says of their relationship. "We are just so into each other. It's just lovely that coming from the same country gives you so much to draw from and bonds you in a way that people just don't understand."

They currently divide their time between homes Down Under and in Tennessee, but while Nicole loves being back in Oz for now there are no plans to move there permanently. "We are just trying to work out our rhythm still," she explains.

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The actress, who already has two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, displayed her strong motherly instincts during the day out with her sister Antonia and her niece
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Little Sybella received plenty of love and affection from her A-list aunt during a shopping trip in Sydney this week