26 JULY 2007

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For avowed Simpsons fans like Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan it must have been the ultimate thrill. At the UK premiere of the film version of the hit show the sovereigns of daytime TV were presented with cut-outs of how their characters would look if they ever appeared in an episode of the much-loved series.

Having confessed to being "creased up" by the sneak peek they were allowed before the official screening, the presenters understandably looked as pleased as punch with the gesture.

The colour scheme for the Simpson clan's big night was clearly a no brainer with Richard and Judy being joined by many other top names in the British entertainment world on a canary-yellow carpet. Murphy's Law actor James Nesbitt was there, accompanied by his daughters Peggy and Mary, while media personality Gail Porter brought along her little girl Honey.

Guests - who also included Vic Reeves and his wife Nancy Sorrell - entered through a giant sculpture of the cartoon dad's mouth, as a saxophonist played The Simpsons theme tune. Only one, though, Lady Isabella Hervey, had adhered to the dress code, standing out in a sunshine-coloured satin number.

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Admirers of the cartoon show Richard and Judy were paid the ultimate compliment at the premiere of the Simpsons film when the creators mocked-up cut-outs of how their characters would look on the seriesPhoto: © Getty ImagesClick on photos for gallery
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Also catching up on donut-loving Homer and his clan's latest adventures were presenter Gail Porter and her daughter HoneyPhoto: © Getty Images