29 AUGUST 2007

The audience at the King's Head pub theatre in North London may have struggled to recognise one of the production's cast had it not been for one feature - the young thesp's full lips, which marked him to be the son of Mick Jagger.

In every other respect the Stones frontman's boy with American model Jerry Hall bore little resemblance to his dad's funky stage persona, dressed as a nerdy 'village idiot' for his role in the play Lone Star.

And while the rock veteran - who has also ventured into the acting arena with screen outings such as Nineties time travel flick Freejack - ended a sell-out tour on Sunday in front of 23,000 fans, 21-year-old James makes his stage debut in front of a more modest audience of 110.

The Texas-set drama also features EastEnders star Shane Richie as a Vietnam veteran who takes James' character under his wing.

And it seems as though Mick's lad may have found his niche. "James is perfect for the part - his Texan accent is impeccable even though he normally speaks in a very English manner, like his father," said the play's producer, Oliver Royds. "(He's) also very good. He takes acting seriously."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The 21-year-old son of the veteran rocker (right) has followed his father into showbusiness and is appearing in a play alongside former EastEnder Shane RichiePhoto: © Rex
Photo: © Alphapress.com
James plays an intellectually challenged youth who is mentored by Shane's returning Vietnam vet in a small Texan communityPhoto: © Rex