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There were a few 'off the shoulder' remarks in store for crew and cast as the 77-year-old director turned up for the first day of filming The Changeling with a talkative parrot in tow
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Clint wings it on set of new flick with help of feathered friend

17 OCTOBER 2007

His new film is set in the Twenties, but onlookers at the set of Clint Eastwood's The Changeling may have been left wondering whether there was a pirate element, too. The Oscar-winning director caused a stir when he turned up for the first day of filming in California with a parrot on his shoulder.

"Clint loves animals," says an on set source. "His parrot goes with him all over the set and helps him to relax between scenes. She is very clever and does impressions of all the Hollywood stars."

The bird was the centre of attention as Clint, who directs the movie, started work on the drama, receiving tickles from crew and cast members, who include Angelina Jolie.

The 32-year-old actress, every inch a flapper girl in a fur coat and scarlet lipstick, plays a mother whose son goes missing. When the boy is returned she realises he's not her child, but the authorities are unconvinced and she ends up being committed to an asylum.

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