On the set of fantasy flick The Golden Compass savvy leading man Daniel Craig had a plan to make sure none of the crew used bad language in front of his 13-year-old co-star Dakota Blue Richards. He established a 'swearbox' into which anyone who blasphemed had to put £1 - but ended up being a key culprit himself.

"The whole thing became a bit of a joke between me and Dakota," said the hunky star. "I wouldn't realise I'd sworn until I heard someone shout "that's another pound!". I think the pot ended up at around £200."

Dakota Blue has a different take on the sums, though. "It should have been more than £200," she revealed. "And Daniel still owes me the money. He keeps saying to put it on his tab! I'll have to chase him up."

The young actress, who plays Lyra in the new adventure film which also stars Nicole Kidman and Ian McKellen, may not have collected her money from the 007 star yet - but she did pick up some useful acting tips from him. "One of the things I learnt from Daniel," she revealed, "was that he jumps up and down to get the energy going before doing a scene."

Insider hints on acting skills may not be that useful for the young star in the future, however, as Dakota apparently doesn't see herself continuing in the movie business.

"It could be good to have a career as successful as Daniel and Nicole's," she mused. "But I don't want to just do acting. I'd quite like to be a supply teacher in a primary school, actually."

Photo: © Alphapress.com
Dakota and Daniel, pictured on the set of their fantasy flick The Golden Compass, had an ongoing joke about the 'swearbox' the 007 star established, which resulted in him owing the 13-year-old £200Photo: © New Line Productions Click on photo to enlarge