17 DECEMBER 2007

Jack Nicholson didn't get to be a father of five and grandfather to two youngsters without learning a thing or two about kids. This week The Bucket List actor put his experience to good use, shepherding a young co-star along the red carpet at the buddy movie's LA premiere.

As they faced the flashbulbs together the Hollywood hotshot - who dotes on his daughter Jennifer's two sons - gave five-year-old Taylor Ann Thompson, his on-screen granddaughter, a big smile and a cuddle.

Inside the cinema Jack also had a warm greeting for Morgan Freeman, who teamed up with him for the story about two terminally ill patients on a mission to have some fun before time runs out.

In the adventure the pair escape their hospital ward, get themselves tattood, go skydiving and travel to see the pyramids. The Bucket List opens in the UK on February 8 and on Christmas Day in the States.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The veteran actor helps soothe any first-night nerves little Taylor Ann might have had by giving her a boost on the red carpetPhoto: © Getty Images
Photo: © Alphapress.com
He was also clearly delighted to meet up with his other co-stars, Beverly Todd and Morgan FreemanPhoto: © Getty Images