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Paul and Jennifer reunited in New York

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After walking the red carpet alone at the Oscars in February, Jennifer Connelly was keeping an affectionate hold on her husband Paul Bettany on a recent walk through New York. The Da Vinci Code actor missed out on a chance to escort his beautiful other half to the hottest date in the Hollywood calendar due to filming commitments back in his native Britain.

With his fantasy flick Inkheart in the can, Paul seemed more than happy to make up for lost time, though, as they chatted together, arms linked lovingly, on a stroll through the streets.

The transatlantic pair are used to separations - Jennifer's last film took her to Mozambique and South Africa - but join each other on set whenever possible. Their children Stellan, who's three, and nine-year-old Kai, Jennifer's son from a previous relationship, often go along, too.

And their parents' artistic bent is obviously rubbing off on the kids. "We've already done plays together. Very short plays," says the mother-of-two. "Kai dictates them to me. Sometimes he casts me, sometimes he doesn't. And when I'm in the play, he'll sometimes say to me, 'No Mom, you didn't say that right!'."

Photo: ©
The Beautiful Mind actress was clearly content to have Paul back at her side after he'd spent time filming in Britain Photo: © Rex

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