As Johnny took to the red carpet in the Japanese capital, thousands of fans clamoured for his autograph. The star, who plays a serial killer who bakes his victims into pies, entertained the crowd by speculating on what he'd probably tast like to a cannibal
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Johnny on lighthearted form at 'Sweeney' premiere in Tokyo

9 JANUARY 2008
Thousands of eager fans turned up at the Japan premiere of new flick Sweeney Todd this week to catch a glimpse of Hollywood hunk Johnny Depp. And when the star took to the red carpet he didn't disappoint, entertaining reporters and fans alike with his jokes.

In his new film the 44-year-old, who gave a quirky touch to his formal outfit by wearing his burgundy tie undone, plays a serial killing barber who bakes his victims into pies. And when asked what he thought he'd taste like to a cannibal Johnny quipped: "Frogs' legs!".

"I would suggest deep-frying," continued the good-humoured actor, who lives in France with his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis and their two children Lily-Rose Melody, eight, and five-year-old Jack.

Richard Zanuck, who produced Sweeney Todd, joined in the speculation and provoked laughter from the Tokyo crowd by proclaiming his own flesh would probably taste of shark.