Sean and his fiance Georgina called off their wedding just 24 hours before the ceremony was due to take place, citing "personal issues" and "work commitments" for the change in plan
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Sean Bean cancels extravagant wedding at the last minute

14 JANUARY 2008
Guests invited to celebrate actor Sean Bean's fourth wedding were left surprised this weekend, when the Sharpe star and his actress girlfriend Georgina Sutcliffe called off the ceremony just 24 hours before they were due to say "I do".

"It has come as a huge shock to everyone," said a guest at the cancelled reception, which was set to take place at a plush Mayfair hotel. "We were told the wedding was off at the last minute, and that it was because of personal reasons."

The couple, who have been dating since meeting two years ago in a London bar, have a famously turbulent relationship. "We don't know what happened for sure," continued the guest. "But we assume there has been an argy-bargy and that they called the whole thing off as a result."

However, the couple themselves seem unphased by the change in arrangements. "We've just rescheduled because of personal issues and work commitments," explained the 29-year-old would-be bride. "Sean and I have just got back from Rome and I'm absolutely shattered. He's here with me at the moment. It was a wonderful holiday. We do intend to get married shortly."

The marriage was set to be the Sheffield-born star's fourth. Aged 19 he tied the knot with childhood sweetheart Debra, a relationship which came to an end when he moved to London to pursue his acting career. He then wed actress Melanie Hill in 1990. The pair split in 1997 with Sean marrying Abigail Cruttenden - who played his wife in Sharpe - the same year. They divorced in 2000.

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