Despite the daunting prospect of launching himself off the 150-foot bridge, the actor seemed unphased as he waved at the film crew below
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"This is about the most dangerous thing I've done as a stunt," said the actor
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Funnyman Jim's daredevil bungee jump for latest film role

29 JANUARY 2008
When faced with a potentially dangerous film scene most actors prefer to rely on a stuntman stepping into their shoes. Not Jim Carrey, though. Lensing his new flick in California, the plucky actor took the plunge - and bungee jumped off a 150-foot bridge.

"This is about the most dangerous thing I've done as a stunt," revealed the Bruce Almighty star, while seeming remarkably unphased about his daredevil antics. Preparing to launch himself off the bridge, he was even collected enough to aim a cheerful wave at the film crew.

Jim is currently filming the comedy Yes Man, in which he stars as a man who challenges himself to say "yes" to everything for an entire year. The bungee jump scene comes after his character's girlfriend tells him to jump off a bridge.

And the 46-year-old was in high spirits on set, cheekily joking about his death defying antics: "This is what you've got to do to compete with Britney Spears!".

The film, which is based on the memoirs of British comedian Danny Wallace, will hit UK screens at the end of the year.

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