After discovering she was suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol, the 49-year-old lost 20 pounds
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Jamie refuses to hide the effects of growing old, proudly sporting her grey hair and wearing glasses when needed
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Jamie Lee bares all to show the beauty of older women

22 MARCH 2008
Never one to shy away from controversial roles, actress Jamie Lee Curtis has once again taken action to help others. The A Fish Called Wanda star has appeared topless to show women they can grow old beautifully.

Stylishly sporting her natural grey hair, the actress, who turns 50 in November, looks better than ever. Last year, she lost 20 pounds after discovering she was suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol.

She hopes her example, revealed in the next issue of AARP magazine, will lead other women to take care of themselves and grow old naturally and beautifully.

"I think I have finally found what I hope beauty is, or at least, beauty as it applies to me," she says.

Six years ago, Trading Places actress Jamie caused another stir when she appeared in a magazine without make-up and wearing an outfit which showed what she called her "soft, fatty little tummy".

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